Welcome Letter from Clive Cussler

Greetings and welcome to Cussler web site. It's probably only one of 40 billion web sites. I sincerely hope you enjoy the entries, stories and information. I know it's fun for me to read what other people write about me. It beats being a lifeguard in a carwash.

I promise not to bore you with buckle my swash tales, but rather entertain you with interesting insights on the world of publishing, true adventures and how authors like me manage to create wild stories for people like you who love to read about a world filled with intrigue and adventure. I do wish you will become involved and contribute your own sentiments on my books that you've read and share your opinions. I promise that Dirk Pitt, Al Giordino, Kurt Austin, Joe Zavala, Juan Cabrillo, his crew and myself will all look forward to entertaining everyone for many years to come.

And now, it's show time.

Clive Cussler